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Unhealthy crops are a result of unhealthy soil.

The soil is the foundation for all plants, and it is vital to keep it healthy.

The soil is unhealthy because it lacks nutrients. When crops are planted in this kind of soil, they cannot produce as much food as they would in healthier soil.

Crops and vegetables grown in unhealthy soil and water tend to be less nutritious and less productive. This is because they lack the necessary minerals and nutrients to grow well.

UnicoAG Vermicompost Tea

UnicoAG LLC utilizes a proprietary blend of vermiculite, beneficial microbes and other critical inputs that differentiate their plant nutrition offerings from the rest. UnicoAG provides Vermicompost tea to make substantial increases in harvest outputs which translate to greater profitability and increased productivity from fields treated with this proprietary nutrient blend.

UnicoAG provides farmers with premium on-site nutrient injection services in a broad geographic area and serves diverse crops including nut crops, row crops and specialty crops, to ensure vigorous root growth, increased nutrient uptake throughout the growing cycle and attention to detail in the needs of each individual farm we serve. UnicoAG provides direct irrigation injection of our proprietary organic and natural-based nutrient teas on specific intervals as needed by the specific crop application.


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