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Unico Ag LLC services farms spanning California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington to provide added value to your current regime.

Who we are

Founded in 2017 with a vision to provide immense value to farmers through targeted plant nutrition to direct-to-farm nutrient injection services, Unico Ag LLC, a premier plant nutrient service organization, is based in beautiful Bakersfield, California, providing farmers across the West Coast with top-tier plant nutrition solutions, directly into your irrigation systems by our talented and knowledgeable nutrition technicians.

Unico Ag is a leading provider of organic and natural-based nutrient teas that enhance plant nutrient intake and strengthen your profitability season after season.

What we do

Unico Ag provides farmers with premium on-site nutrient injection services in a broad geographic area and serves diverse crops including nut crops, row crops and specialty crops, to ensure vigorous root growth, increased nutrient uptake throughout the growing cycle and attention to detail in the needs of each individual farm we serve. Utilizing a direct service model to ease the demands on our clients, Unico Ag provides direct irrigation injection of our proprietary organic and natural-based nutrient teas on specific intervals as needed by the specific crop application.

With a diverse clientele of farmers growing everything from almonds and pistachios, to berries, carrots, hemp and other crops up and down the West Coast, Unico Ag rigorously trialed their nutrient program with farmers in a variety of regions and applications to ensure not only product safety and efficacy, but to provide farmers with tangible results from the integration of our direct-to-farm nutrient injection services.

what we do

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